Tory Ferry FAQs

We want to make sure your visit to Tory Island is great, please take a look at these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Do I need to book on the Tory Ferry?

No, only groups of 10+ are advised to book in advance.

Can sailings be disrupted due to tides and weather?

Yes. We have a free mobile app ‘Tory Ferry’ which can be downloaded and times are updated instantly there.

Can I bring my bicycle onboard the Tory Ferry?

Yes, bicycles can be brought onboard the Ferry.

Can I take my pet onboard the Tory Ferry?

Yes, pets are permitted on the ferry but please have them on a leash.

Can I use my Free Travel Pass on the Ferry?

Yes. We accept the Irish Free Travel Card and the 65+ Northern Ireland SmartPass. Please bring the card with you on the of travel.

What are the fares to go to Tory Island?

Prices are listed at the bottom of the homepage on the website.

If we haven't answered your question above, please feel free to contact us using our form here